Many parents start out with baby led weaning (BLW) after reading books and websites or attending a workshop, but still have lots of questions about HOW exactly to offer foods to their littles. What exactly does the right shape look like, what texture is appropriate, how do I offer more challenging foods like steak, leafy greens, slippery fruits, and nuts? And just how exactly do you modify the family meal for BLW without cooking two separate dinners???

In this interactive workshop, you’ll get into the kitchen with Michelle to learn how to prepare foods for your Baby Led Weaning (BLW)-fed baby.

This workshop is ideal for parents who are familiar with BLW basics but are looking to learn how to adapt the family meal to allow baby to eat safe shapes, sizes and textures.

What you’ll learn…

  • Appropriate and safe food shapes, sizes and textures
  • Choking hazards and what foods are not appropriate for babies to eat
  • How to adapt the family meal so all family members can eat (that means only cooking one meal for everyone!)
  • How to serve more challenging foods for baby – like slippery fruits, sticky peanut butter, leafy green veggies, steak and meats, oatmeal, and more
  • Best foods to start with to meet baby’s unique nutrition requirements

Participants will also receive all recipes prepared in the demo, and yummy food samples.

To keep curious little hands away from the kitchen, on-site childcare is available during this workshop! 

Fee: $75 per participant  

Space is LIMITED TO 7 participants.  Register early to reserve your spot and avoid disappointment!

Not sure this workshop is for you?  Check out my Starting Solids with BLW Workshop!

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