Feeling unsure about what to eat during pregnancy?  Dealing with pregnancy symptoms (like morning sickness and nausea, heartburn, food cravings, constipation, low energy, etc. etc. etc…) that make eating well extra challenging?  Feeling overwhelmed by what you read online, recommendations from your doctor or midwife, or advice of well-meaning friends and family?

Pregnancy is an incredible time in a woman’s life where her body experiences so many changes over a relatively short period of time.  It can be confusing and overwhelming to a new mother, and even those who have been through it before, as nutrition recommendations change with new research and we get bombarded with information.  I’ve been there, and I can say that even as a dietitian, I also felt confused and unsure that I was doing the right thing for my wee baby!

I can help you to see through the clutter and focus on the facts.  I provide suggestions and recommendations individualized to you and your pregnancy needs, teach you what foods and supplements are helpful and what to avoid, and support you along the way.  We may also have hands-on sessions to get you fully prepared, so that you can feel confident, reduce stress, and focus on feeling good and growing your little bundle of joy.

Your nutrition needs change throughout pregnancy and in the postpartum period.  That’s why I’ve designed these packages to follow you throughout your pregnancy journey and adjust our nutrition goals along the way.

I offer two packages to support you throughout your pregnancy and postnatal period:

The Vibrant Mama Package

  • Initial assessment (60-90 minutes) plus 3 follow up sessions (30-45 minutes), email or phone support between appointments.  Follow up sessions can be done virtually.
    • You can schedule these sessions however you wish, though I recommend the initial assessment during 1st trimester, follow ups during 2nd and 3rd trimester, and 1 follow up after delivery.
  • Additional follow up sessions: $65 each

Investment: $310

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The Glowing Mama Package

  • Initial assessment (60-90 minutes) plus 3 follow up sessions (30-45 minutes), email or phone support between appointments.  Follow up sessions can be done virtually.
  • Choose one hands-on sessions:
    • Grocery store tour (~1hr): I will meet you at your local grocery store (in the Greater Toronto Area) to walk the aisles with you.  We will explore foods and supplements that you may not have considered before to aid your healthy pregnancy, compare foods and review nutrition labels to find the right products for you, and talk about food prep and storage.
    • Meal planning session (~1.5hrs): as a new mom (or a parent of more than one), meal planning and prep skills will come in very handy in the months and years to come!  We will get you organized and develop a 1 week meal plan together, personalized to you and your family.  You will also receive a sample 1 week pregnancy and postpartum meal plan with recipes.  As part of this session, we’ll also review what’s currently going on in your kitchen – what tools you have and what could be helpful, check out your pantry and fridge, and recommend strategies to manage inventory and grocery lists.
  • Additional follow up sessions: $65 each

Investment: $450

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In-person services (including in-home visits and grocery store tour) are available in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Most services can be offered virtually for mamas outside of this region, contact me for more information.

Your extended health benefits may cover all or a portion of your investment!

Services can be offered virtually through encrypted video/phone chat, or in your home.  In person visits are subject to a travel fee, please contact me for details.

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