Families come in many different forms, with or without children.  So, I also offer one-on-one services for adults interested in eating well and managing chronic conditions!

A Registered Dietitian can help you manage many types of health concerns and chronic conditions through food and lifestyle changes.  Some of the concerns that people may see a dietitian for include:

  • Weight management, gain or lossgrocery shopping produce vegetables
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Side effects of cancer treatments and recovery
  • Digestive concerns and diseases, including IBS, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s
  • Living with food allergies and intolerances
  • Eating well on a budget
  • General healthy eating
  • Meal planning and prep help
  • Many more!

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with a condition, or could just use a “tune-up” to ensure you’re eating as well as you could to manage your health, I can help!

What you’ll get:

  • Review of your medical history, diet history and current eating habits, and social factors that affect your health and food choices.
  • Personalized recommendations, information and resources based on your needs
  • “Homework” – this may simply be a step towards your goal, or working on a specific skill that will help you gain skills and tools for long term success
  • Realistic goals and a plan to get there
  • Motivation and confidence to make food choices to reach your goals
  • Email or phone support between appointments

What you won’t get:

  • A meal plan.  I will certainly provide ideas for meals and snacks, and assist you with developing meal plans for you and your family, but I will not provide you with a specific meal plan to follow.  I will, however, help you to develop the skills and tools you need to create long lasting changes and be able to create meal plans that are realistic for you.
  • Supplements, pills, powders, or magic potions.  For some people, supplements are beneficial to reduce or correct nutrient deficiencies, but most otherwise healthy individuals have no need for mountains of pills if they are consuming an otherwise adequate diet.
  • A quick fix.  I’m all about long-lasting change, helping you feel more confident in making healthy decisions, developing a positive relationship with food and your body, and achieving your health goals.

Investment: (a la carte)

  • Initial assessment (~60-90 minutes): $125
  • Follow up sessions: $65

At your initial visit we will determine the number of follow up sessions that will be appropriate for your needs.


The Family Table Package  (customized to you!)

This package is designed for families looking to spruce up the entire family’s nutrition status.  If you are facing feeding challenges with your child(ren), as well as nutrition concerns with other members of the family (parents’ health concerns, need meal planning help, etc), this is the package for you.  I have combined the packages I offer for children as well as services I offer for adults into one convenient package to address all of your concerns at once.  I also offer valuable add-ons to help support you in building new skills and nutrition knowledge.

  • Initial assessment for children and adults, identifying nutrition concerns, feeding issues, reviewing medical and health history, and setting nutrition goals for individuals and the family unit.
  • Recommended number of follow up sessions are determined at the initial visit.  This will depend on the complexity of your nutrition concerns and number of family members involved.
  • Phone or e-sessions are optional but highly recommended between follow up visits.
  • Optional add-ons:
    • Grocery store tour(~1hr): I will meet you at your local grocery store (in the Greater Toronto Area) to walk the aisles with you.  We will explore foods and supplements that may help support your nutrition goals, compare foods and review nutrition labels to find the right products for you, and talk about food prep and storage.
    • Meal Planning and Prep session(s) (~1.5-2hrs): meal planning and prep skills will come in very handy in the months and years to come!  You will also receive a sample 1 week meal plan with recipes, and we will work together to develop a 1 week meal plan personalized to you and your family.  As part of this session, we’ll get you organized and review what’s currently going on in your kitchen – what tools you have and what could be helpful, check out your pantry and fridge, and make sure that you have a good stock of basics available in your home.

Investment: customized based on number of family members and complexity of nutrition concerns.  Contact me for more information and pricing.



Your extended health benefits may include Registered Dietitian services!  Check with your provider for coverage.

Services can be offered virtually through encrypted video/phone chat, or in your home.  In person visits are subject to a travel fee, please contact me for details.

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