The Parents’ Guide to Baby-Led Weaning – Book Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Fellow Canadian dietitian Jennifer House (over at First Step Nutrition) recently published the Parents’ Guide to Baby-Led Weaning, a new resource for parents eager to learn more about BLW and how to get started with their babies.  I was super excited to read this book, so  I got my hands on an early copy (and so can you – keep reading to the end!), and here’s what I have to say about it…

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Why we chose baby led weaning

When we began the journey of starting solids with our baby, I had ideas in my mind of what it would look like.  We’d received a baby blender as a shower gift, and I knew I wanted to make my own food as much as possible, blitzing up all kinds of crazy concoctions of colourful pureed veggies and fruits, protein-rich pureed meats, hearty oatmeal and cereals.  I knew a bit about baby led weaning (BLW) and was intrigued, but not really sure what it was all about.  I also had read that Health Canada was recommending a texture-varied diet for infants, so I knew I wanted to incorporate some finger foods into my baby’s life from the get go.

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