Baby led weaning (BLW) introduces solid foods to babies using family meals, a variety of textures and flavours, and teaches babies to self-feed.  Essentially, BLW welcomes your baby to the family table!  There’s no need to spend tons of time making separate meals or pureeing foods, no extra expenses for baby foods, and more opportunity for parents to spend quality time together with the whole family enjoying the mealtime experience.  BLW may even help children to develop better appetite control and awareness of hunger cues.

Sound interesting?  Join me for an interactive workshop to learn more!

What you will learn:

  • BLW basics – what it is and why parents choose BLW, how to tell if baby is ready, how to start, and what to expect
  • Appropriate and safe food choices
  • Adapting family meals for BLW
  • Food preparation and practical tips for success

Participants will also receive an 8-page recipe book with delicious BLW-appropriate menu ideas.

Fee: $45 per participant.  (interested in bringing a spouse, grandparent or caregiver? Contact me in advance for a discounted rate)

Babies are always welcome to join 🙂

Questions or concerns?  Contact me!

Upcoming Workshops

There are no upcoming workshops at this time.  Stay tuned for future dates!

Want to host a workshop for a group of friends, parenting group, or at your retail store?  Let’s talk!

This BLW workshop is given through Jessica Coll BLW network, which is delivered by Registered Dietitians internationally and has been featured on several Canadian national TV networks.